What is Penguicon?, or “Where nerds go to play.”

What is Penguicon? » Penguicon 2013.

It’s clearly not a big secret that I’m tremendously nerdy. As a unapologetic nerd/geek, I happen to like to spend time around lots of other folks of the nerd/geek variety. As it turns out, conventions are a pretty amazing place to do exactly that. One of my very favorite cons, Penguicon, happened just a few short weeks ago in Michigan. It combines science fiction, open source computing, an enthusiasm for all things DIY, and a lot of other good geeky fun.

I’ve been going to this particular convention for about 5 years now, and it’s one of the highlights of my year. This year they produced a fantastic video about just what exactly Penguicon is all about. Check it out, and then come join us next year!


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