A Navy SEAL Comes Out, or “I bet this lady could kick your ass.”

The Latest Navy SEAL Book Could Impact the Military’s Transgender Rules – J.K. Trotter – The Atlantic Wire.

Here’s one of those stories that just really inspires me. I don’t buy into the hero worship of the military, but Kristin Beck is a certified badass. Not so much because she’s a former member of of the SEALs (and SEAL Team 6 at that!), but because she managed to survive the intense male- and masculinity-dominated monolith that is the US military, particularly the elite special forces units. I haven’t yet read her book, but the excerpts I’ve found and the commentary I’ve read from her portray an incredibly strong woman. The fact that she had to endure living the closet to continue her military career is such a disappointment. (Despite the repeal of Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell, transgender people are still barred from military service) I’m also very impressed and touched that the members of her former unit have been accepting and supportive of her and her decision to transition.

Congratulations on the release of your book, Kristin. You are an inspiration and a hero, through and through!

Sharing: A Wonderful Piece on Transphobia and Misgendering, or “This person said this way better than I ever could, so just read it!”

James Nichols: Misidentification and Transphobia: One Musician’s Experiences Touring America.

The above essay is a lengthy one, and it does contain some triggery material. But it’s so beautifully written, and so poignantly covers a very important topic (misgendering) that I really wanted to share it. If you don’t know, misgendering is essentially misidentifying a person’s gender. When it’s an honest mistake, it’s forgivable (though it can still be heartbreaking for transgender people). But often times it’s intentional, either out of ignorance or as a form of verbal violence, and it’s common way trans people are harassed, both overtly and subtly.

Anyway, I hate to say much more, because my clumsy words pale in comparison to this eloquent work. So just give it a read.