The Problem with Being Plus, or “Chubby girls like feeling cute, too!” (Reblog)

We Want Cute Plus Size Clothes, and We Fucking Want Them Yesterday.

This blog post from Laura Beck over on Jezebel covers an area of near constant frustration for me. I’m not a tiny girl by any stretch, but I still want to wear clothes that me feel pretty and cute. That’s a really tall order from the fashion industry these days.

I’m with Laura on this…I don’t understand why companies aren’t diving into this market. The “average” female is now “plus-sized” (HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE?!), but few mainstream retailers carry a wide variety of attractive clothes for bigger girls. I think the first company to really focus on attractice, hip, and affordable clothes for human-sized (and shaped) women will make an absolute fortune.

We deserve this, ladies! We deserve clothes that fit us right, and still make us feel cute! Thin women are not somehow special, nor do they have any unique or exclusive claim to being beautiful. We are ALL beautiful, and it’s time we made the clothiers of the world take notice.

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