About Trans.Nerd.Feminist:

This blog is entirely the work of one very opinionated woman. It’s full of essays of my thoughts on transgender-related topics, other queer topics, feminism, autism, nerd/geek culture, and whatever else strikes my fancy. It also includes commentary on goings-on in the world, and personal stories about my transition, coming out, and my life in general. It may at times be full of shouting, coarse language, sexual content, triggers, floods of emotion, and unpopular opinions. But it might also be full of humor, humanity, positivity, encouragement, inspiration, and calls to action. You may be entertained, amused, uplifted, moved to tears, frustrated, shocked, angered, horrified, or absolutely bored to tears. I take 100% responsibility for all of it, and apologize for none of it.

About Mari, TheTNF:

I don’t claim to be anything particularly unique or earth shattering. I’m a 30-something graduate student. I’m a scientist, a nerd, a feminist, transgender, an Aspergerian, and a lesbian. I love reading, writing, travel, Star Trek, beer, and cats. I dislike bigotry, the patriarchy, romance novels, broccoli, and the color orange. This is not a conclusive list. At the end of the day, I’m just like you: a real person. Come to think it of it, I’m a real person at the beginning of the day, too.

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