Arizona’s Discriminatory Bathroom Bill Dies, or “A small victory, but for how long?”

Arizona Transgender Bathroom Bill Won’t Move.

So a while back, I wrote an essay on the issues surrounding the complications transgender people face when using public restrooms. The primary trigger for my decision to pen that assay was a proposal in the Arizona state legislature that would have made it a crime to use a bathroom that did not “match” with your assign-at-birth sex.

Well, I’m happy to say that enough stink was raised about this bill to force its author to abandon efforts to getting it passed. It’s not exactly a step forward, but at least it’s not a legally enshrined step back. Unfortunately, the representative who put forth the measure seems to have only abandoned it “for this session”, and we might end up seeing its return at some time in the future. Still, it’s at least a bit of a demonstration that we can prevent things like this from happening when we work together!