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Sharing: A Wonderful Piece on Transphobia and Misgendering, or “This person said this way better than I ever could, so just read it!”

James Nichols: Misidentification and Transphobia: One Musician’s Experiences Touring America.

The above essay is a lengthy one, and it does contain some triggery material. But it’s so beautifully written, and so poignantly covers a very important topic (misgendering) that I really wanted to share it. If you don’t know, misgendering is essentially misidentifying a person’s gender. When it’s an honest mistake, it’s forgivable (though it can still be heartbreaking for transgender people). But often times it’s intentional, either out of ignorance or as a form of verbal violence, and it’s common way trans people are harassed, both overtly and subtly.

Anyway, I hate to say much more, because my clumsy words pale in comparison to this eloquent work. So just give it a read.


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