Patrick Stewart on the Power of Men to Stop Violence Against Women, or “Now I’m crying my eyes out and want Captain Picard to be my BFF.”

Patrick Stewart: It’s in Men’s Hands to Stop Violence Against Women.

Star Trek Captain + Amazing Speech about Violence Against Women = Perfect Fodder forĀ  TNF.

Really, I couldn’t ask for a more perfect video to share with you all. Sir Patrick gives an incredibly touching and emotional speech about his work to prevent violence against women, how his mother shaped this work, and why men have the power to stop this from happening. All in his perfect English baritone. I broke down in tears right at my keyboard. He even takes a moment to check to see if the young lady who asked the question was okay (I think she, too, was overcome with emotion). I don’t want to say too much else about the actual video, because my puny written words cannot do it justice.

Seriously, can I just have a hug from him and an “It will be alright.”? I’m pretty sure that would make me happy forever.