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1st Edition of the Trans 100, or “I don’t have anything cheeky to say about something this cool.”

The Trans 100 – 2013 Inaugural Edition (U.S.) | We Happy Trans.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best things I’ve read about in weeks. I’m so completely overwhelmed with emotion reading about all of these amazing individuals. WeHappyTrans and This is H.O.W. deserve a tremendous amount of credit for the execution of this idea. The activists of our community do such a critical job, and without them, we’d have very little hope for progress for the trans community. I wish I had the chance to give a huge hug to every single one of them. It’s about time that we honored our own! While I don’t think I’ll ever quite be working hard enough to earn such an incredible honor, it does give me a kick in my rear end to be more advocative for myself, and for the transgender community as a whole. My heart and my thanks goes out to every Trans 100 honoree, and to all the activists giving their all to make life just a little bit easier for all of us.


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