If you’re looking to see me give a talk or panel, here’s my current schedule of appearances. Below that is a list of events I’ve appeared at and talks I’ve given previously

Below that is a list of events I’ve appeared at and talks I’ve given previously.

If you are interested in booking me for a talk, panel, reading or appearance, please email mari@transnerdfeminist.com.


Upcoming Appearances

Windycon 43
November 2016
Lombard, IL

Friendship is ConFusion
January 2017
Livonia, MI

Capricon XXXVII
February 2017
Wheeling, IL

Penguicon 2017
April 2017
Southfield, MI

 Previous Appearances

2016 World Professional Association for Transgender Health Symposium 
Invited Panelist
July 2016
Amsterdam, NL

“How Research Is Being (Mis) Used To Support The Marginalization of Trans People”

15th Philadelphia Trans Health Conference
June 2016
Philadelphia, PA

“Writing as Power and Self-Care”

Penguicon 2016
May 2016
Southfield, MI

“Creating Safer Spaces”
“Diverstiy in Geek Media”
“LGBTQ Identities”

SUNY Plattsburgh Women’s Studies Seminar Series
Featured Speaker
Plattsburgh, NY
February 2016

Talk Title: “Transgender Identities: Myths, Misconceptions, and Realities”

Capricon XXXVI
Featured Panelist
February 2016
Wheeling, IL

“Non-Binary Identities In Stories”
“Queer Eye For SciFi”
“Science Gone Bad”
“Trans 101”
“Diversity in Writing and Media”
“Intersections of the LGBTQ Community and Fandom”

Life, The Universe, and ConFusion
Featured Panelist
January 2016

Livonia, MI

“How Many Genders?”
“Pitch Me Your Elevator”
“Anthologies As Advocacy”
“Bad Girls Just Want Good Stories”
“Seeing The World Through Different Eyes”
“What’s Wrong With Gendering Kids Media”

Windycon 42
November 2015

Lombard, IL

“The Future of Social Media”
“Women of Wonder: Updated for 2015”

Penguicon 2015
April 2015

Southfield, MI

“Creating Safe Spaces”
“Everything You Thought You Knew About Genetics Is A Lie”
“LGBT Alphabet Soup”
“LGBT In Fandom”
“Misconceptions of Scientific Work”

Capricon XXXV
February 2015

“Ask a Trans Person – Dispelling The Myth”
“Fandom For All- Creating Inclusive Communities”
“Queer Eye For SciFi”

Back To The ConFusion
January 2015

“Mary Sue and The Fake Geek Girls”
“Fat Girls Like Scifi, Too
“Diversity in _______”

Windycon 41
November 2014

“Women in Science”,
“LGBT Representation in Speculative Fiction”


Cleveland ConCoction 1
Diversity Guest/Panelist
May 2014

“Trans People in Fandom”,
“Kinky in the Con Community”,
“Creating Consent Culture in Convention Communities”


Penguicon 2014
May 2014

“Respecting Your Transgender Peers”
“Genomics 101: What The Heck Is A Genome?”
“Genomics 201: The Transcriptome, The Epigenome, and Beyond”
“Healthcare in the 21st Century”


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A blog about nerdy things, feminist thoughts, and queer/trans life. It's full of rants, opinions, and personal stories. I don't claim to speak for absolutely anyone but myself. Read at your own risk.

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